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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™​ Foundation

        "The issues we face are not black or white but American.

                           Together we can make a difference. 

                                      There is nothing we can't do"

                                              -Terry Hardy, Founder and CEO


Ride for CHANGE

Ride for HOPE™

Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ is our signature awareness campaign that culminates with a motorcycle event in local communities across America; a collaborative effort between Riders United to Serve Humanity™ and World of Soul® Motorcycle Community that encourages a connection between the motorcycle community as citizens with institutions, commercial industries, governmental agencies and community organizations.

Youth Mentoring and the HBCU College Tour

The HBCU tour provides disadvantaged youth access to opportunity through exposure with a journey outside of urban areas providing a new outlook to fuel greater aspirations toward achieving a college education. Visiting historically black colleges and universities connects students with their cultural heritage and institutions.  In the classroom, and on motorcycles, riders are making a difference in the lives of young people in association with motorcycling.

World of Soul®

Motorcycle Community

World of Soul® Motorcycle Community is a network-based initiative organized to promote charitable works, awareness, education, literacy, workforce training and opportunities, the development of industry and the reduction of violence.  The network of 9,600 motorcyclists and clubs are transitioning into the World of Soul® Motorcyclists Association.

World of Soul®

Motorcycle Community

​Radio Show

From the Midwest to the Deep South and elsewhere, World of Soul® Motorcycle Community's Radio Show engages its audience with community news, in-depth reporting, cultural affairs, charitable concerns and more.

Riders United to Serve Humanity™

Riders United to Serve Humanity™ (RUSH) is a national community organization and mobilization initiative geared toward bringing together diverse groups of motorcyclists, clubs and motorcycle-related charitable organizations and action groups working to streamline the effectiveness of community-oriented campaigns merging ideas and resources.

The Advocate Program

Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE partners with commercial entities to fuel interest, excitement, reward and support through World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association membership engagement.

Motorcycle Safety and Training

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Sharing the road safely with motorcycles and decreasing fatalities on America's roadways is our goal.

World of Soul® Motorsports

The mission of World of Soul® Motorsports is to help facilitate the viability and marketability of minorities in motorsports across several racing disciplines in partnership with commercial entities who understand the value of diversity in motorsports while raising awareness about issues significant to the community and opportunities to make a difference.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Spurring the minds of young people to develop the future with college and career readiness, pre-apprenticeship training and access to college scholarships.

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"Deep inside all of us lay the ability to reach our full potential.  We just have to find ways to bring it out."

                                                                                                                                                               -Terry Hardy
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