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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™​ Foundation

        "The issues we face are not black or white but American.

                           Together we can make a difference. 

                                      There is nothing we can't do"

                                              -Terry Hardy, Founder and CEO


Needs Volunteers for security at the fair. Off-duty officers preffered.

Twenty (20) clubs or more vetted to match the opportunity who will each sponsor a school bus to transport students to the fair.

Each club and supporters should plan on greeting students at the bus prior to escorting them to the fair via motorcycle motorcade.

Approximate cost is $175.00 - $200.00 per bus.


Benefit The clubs will enable students to enable themselves through education

Get recognition from parents, Chicago Public Schools and the city of Chicago.

Demonstrate synergy from the White House to the motorcycle clubhouse on the issue of education.

Promote a paradigm shift on the perceived value of education.


Desired Outcome  Elevated commitment from motorcycle commitment to supporting higher education.


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