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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™​ Foundation

        "The issues we face are not black or white but American.

                           Together we can make a difference. 

                                      There is nothing we can't do"

                                              -Terry Hardy, Founder and CEO

Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™

Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ tells a story about America's history that says despite our challenges we have always found ways to move the nation forward. 


Therefore, Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™.

RIDE = movement to encourage "transportation to transformation™".
CHANGE = the narrative.

HOPE = the action that changes the narrative and levels the playing field.

This year's event recognizes the men and women who departed the south in pursuit of a better life.  It showcases the possibilities through collaboration to improve outcomes for minority communities.

Note: The 2022 Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ event approach to the National Pullman Monument has been reduced in scale and thereby postponed in part pending partnership agreement with the National Park Service and permit issuance by the  Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 

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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ is the programmatic thrust behind the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community as sanctioned by Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ Foundation powered by Riders United to Serve Humanity™

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